Friday Folly…singular

I’m pressed for time today, and have found little inspiration for a post. Instead, I direct you to this column in the American Thinker. Go and read. It’s interesting…especially the scathing criticism of Marco Rubio.

The Ruling Elite Settles In

By J.R. Dunn, September 6, 2013

It has been said a number of times in recent years that the U.S.  is undergoing a period of flux, a state of rapid churning on the political-social level with any number contradictory trends appearing and vanishing while few permanent changes are evident.  After 2013, this may no longer be the case.  Events of this past summer indicate that a new political paradigm is settling in — one in no way friendly toward American life as we now understand it. 

This new system was outlined by Dr.  Angelo Codevilla in his 2010 book, The Ruling Class. Codevilla saw clear signs of the formation of a ruling elite in the U.S., a convergence of interests among both “liberal” and “conservative” politicians, along with industrialists, academics, and members of the entertainment and media worlds.  It has become expedient for these blocs to combine their efforts in order to protect and extend their own interests, even in defiance of the American political system and secular creed as it has always existed.  Opposing this effort is the “country class,” the vast mass of Americans, essentially the middle class (to be American is, in a real sense, to be middle class), who have invested their lives in the traditional state of the country and expect to see it remain as it is.   These past months present us with clear evidence that the Codevillian ruling class is beginning to take shape. 

The article continues here…  Go and read.