Why should I?

We are quickly approaching the 2014 political season. I get five to ten emails a day begging me for money for one reason or another. They all go into the trash can—some I brand as SPAM. These emails aren’t from some tin-foil beanie conspiracy theorists. Many are from various GOP committees and campaigns.

I quit contributing to the Party in 2006. I do contribute to specific candidates and campaigns but not to the party. Why should I? All they do is take my money and then ignore me. This last time around, all my contributions were to state and local candidates.

It appears my viewpoint is spreading.

GOP campaign committee sidelines finance director as fundraising lags


In a major staff shakeup, the National Republican Senatorial Committee will sideline its finance director after falling behind Democrats in fundraising during the first half of the year.

Shelly Carson, finance director since January, will remain on the NRSC’s payroll, but her role at the committee will diminish considerably. She will act more as a consultant to the committee, which provides campaign cash and other assistance to Republican Senate candidates.

“Shelly is a valuable member of our team whose strength and skill is working directly with donors and will focus directly on fundraising efforts instead of day-to-day operations,” said NRSC spokesperson Brad Dayspring.

Heather Larrison, president of the Washington, D.C.-based Larrison Group, will take over Carson’s management and operations duties, a source familiar with the decision said. Larrison is an ally of Sen. Rob Portman, the NRSC vice chairman, and has done fundraising for him in the past.

The staff shuffle comes after a disappointing fundraising run through the first half of the year. Although the NRSC has paid down its debt, the committee raised just $20.3 million so far this year, far short of the nearly $31 million raised by its Democratic counterpart.

The GOP has been out-of-touch with its base for a decade or more. Dubya wasn’t the best President we ever had, but he was a good, moral man—and everyone, even democrats, knew it. Since that time, the GOP has nominated nothing but losers. McCain, as we now see, was the worst. In 2012, the Establishment attempted to hide McCain’s incompetence by adding Sarah Palin as VEEP then worked diligently to sabotage her press.

That scenario was repeated in 2012. Romney was a marginally better candidate than McCain, but he too was a slave to the establishment. The GOP repeated their 2008 tactics by adding Paul Ryan to the ticket. Now, with hindsight, we know that Ryan, too, was a slave to the Establishment. Just look at his lock-step support for illegal alien amnesty.

The ennui of the GOP is not limited to the national committee. We have examples here in Missouri. Just look at the effort to override Governor Nixon’s tax cut veto. Too many GOP Senators and Representatives want nothing to do with voting on the vetos. Why? It forces them to make a stand that can be used against them come the next election. The stupidity of that stance is that we, the voters, will remember their inaction and failure to support the vetos anyway. It’s a specious argument.

‘Course some of those GOP office-holders were elected by democrats—I mean, with union, democrat money. They’ve been bought. The question now are they honest and will stay bought. The dems certainly are applying pressure to keep those GOP Reps and Senators, “honest.”

So, the GOP is hurting for money. Events have some full circle. In 2012, 3 million of the GOP base stayed home away from the polls. The way the GOP is manipulating Congress against the DEMANDS of their base is leading to a worse turnout in 2014.

The Republican Party is quickly sliding towards irrelevancy.  This is where 3rd Parties come from. It’s not too late for the GOP to learn from their mistakes but with national leadership like Boehner, Cantor and McConnell, I’m not confident that change will come.