Cartoon of the Day: Chuck Asay, Michael Ramirez

Missouri attempted to pass a guns on college campus bill last year. It would have allowed CCW carriers to carry on all Missouri colleges, students and staff. It died in committee; killed by the demos and RINOs. We’re going to try again this year and this time we’ll succeed.

Chuck Asay just released this cartoon. The timing couldn’t have been better!


And here’s another from Chuck Asay. It’s just to good to let it pass by.


After all the lies, Obama saying he’d wouldn’t use Reconciliation to pass Obamacare because it needed a super-majority vote, Obama held a press conference Wednesday, complete with phony physicians in lab coats, saying that Obamacare must be passed now and he would push for Reconciliation to be used to do that. Of course, there is one small obstacle—there is no reconciliation version yet. And, there may not be if the “conservative” dems in the house refuse to march off the electoral cliff along with the rest of the dem lemmings.

Michael Ramirez translates Obama’s press conference.

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