Local radio host in hot water with ‘pub Senator and Automaker

Chris Stigall is a conservative radio host on Kansas City station KCMO. He is NOT in favor of the automaker bailouts being supported by Missouri Republican Senator Kit Bond. Bond has come out proposing immediate aid to automakers. That is something even Nancy Pelosi disagrees. She says the automakers need a plan before getting any money. Not so for Senator Bond.

Stigall, on his Friday, November 21, 2008 show had a parody about bailing out the automakers. Bond and some local automaker execs didn’t care for the remarks. Bond went on a tirade against Stigall claiming he was sabotaging the bailout effort and wanted the auto plant in Claycomo, MO (Ford) to close contrary to Stigall’s actual remarks. Some auto execs at the plant monitored the Friday show and called an un-named contact in congress (Rep. Cleaver, D-MO, perhaps?) and complained about Stigall. Their stance, it appears, is that anyone who is against the automaker bailout is somehow un-American. Bond directed a tirade directly against Stigall in comments over the weekend.

On this morning’s show, Stigall proposed that perhaps Bond is more interested in courting the democrat and union vote in 2010 than listening to his conservative base. He reminded the Senator that even after the last election, Missouri is still a red state and perhaps Bond should listen to his party’s base rather than emulate democrats.

I’m inclined to agree. The main reason the Republican party lost this last election is that they tried to match the dems as pseudo-liberals. They ignored the conservative base and when they noticed they were headed for the dumper, brought in Palin to regain conservative votes.

It almost worked. But, it was too little, too late. More Republicans voted for Palin than McCain. Other conservatives, especially the evangelicals, sat out the election. The result was a overall democrat win.

If we are to regain conservative control once again as we did with Ronald Reagan, the Republican old guard must go. Bond must go. The RINOs must go. All of them. The Republican party must go and the party return to its roots. As it stands now, we’ve just one party in Washington since the Republicans are doing their best to behave as democrats. That benefits no one.