Cartoon of the Day: Chuck Asay, Michael Ramirez

Mobama wants to lead a push against childhood obesity. Knowing her, the libs and dems, this is what will happen.


Obama wants to meet with the ‘Pubs on a compromise on Obamacare. The only good solution is to drop the whole thing. So what does Obama do? He publishes a slightly modified version of the Senate bill and hopes the ‘Pubs roll over as they have done so many times before.

When that happened, Mitch McConnell should have stated that the ‘Pubs would NOT meet when there are obvious preconditions. Instead, he was trying to be a nice guy.

Mitch! It’s time to stop being a nice guy. Obama isn’t, his staff isn’t, the dems, libs and tranzi progressives aren’t. It’s WAR, Mitch! Wake up!

3 thoughts on “Cartoon of the Day: Chuck Asay, Michael Ramirez

  1. Hey: Yesterday the Left Wing commicrats put on the best display of closeminded arrogance that I have not seen in my adult lifetime and i am not proud. Now they are ready to roll right over us and eveything that we hold dear. Where did these people grow up? Sad days on the horizen my friend. It is time. How do we want our grandchildren to live? What will we say to them when they ask "what did you do during the takeover of of America". " I was shoveling poop and sitting around at breaktime" .Lets lace up our boots and stop this nonsense.

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