A portent of things to come? Union backlash

Mrs. Crucis sent me this tidbit. She is a teacher herself. She has a degree in Education and now teaches in a local Seminary. This article may not set well with some teachers. I know that Carteach0 has already written on occasion about his teaching load. I don’t doubt his statements for a minute.

My personal background is in education. I grew up the son of a teacher, the brother of a teacher, and my father was president of our local school board. I was personally known by every teacher in our county.

When I was younger, teaching was an honorable profession dedicated to bringing learning and the basic skills to children that was a necessity for growth. Somewhere since that time, “education” wandered off the path and became lost. It is still an honorable profession but in many areas, it is now being implemented by the dishonorable. Many educational professional are now more interested in indoctrinating our children in social and political mores that is foreign to many parents. With unionization (my sister was president of her NEA local) came the deathnell of the old traditional goals such as teaching the basic reading, writing and math skills. The new emphasis was “self esteem” and other so-called soft skills that did nothing to preapre children for the trials and issues found in adult life. But, “they felt really good about themselves!” (Sarcasm mine.)

Along will unionization, the nature of educators changed. There is an old saying, “Those that can, do. Those that can’t, teach.” I used to laugh at that. I don’t any longer.

Personal opinions aside, here is one Rhode Island school district’s solution in an impasse with their local teacher’s union. Please scroll down to read the entire article.

2 thoughts on “A portent of things to come? Union backlash

  1. I read that story as well. I couldn't help but think that teachers union was balking over doing things we here regard as 'our job'.

    I also note the school administration gets little attention in the article. The odds are good the teachers were told exactly what to do, in detail, for the last ten years….. by administration. The odds are also good 'teaching the material' was not high on the list of things they were ordered to do.

    It's seldom even mentioned in the orders we receive from our administration.

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