Cartoon of the Day: Lisa Benson

How true.

I rarely post more than once a day. I just couldn’t pass this one by.

Taxes are no more than governmental theft over the barrel of a gun. Whether we agree or not, without coercion, very few would pay taxes. I sometimes reflect whether we’d be better off by subscribing to services usually provided by government than paying taxes. In some states and the democrat congress, we get both—taxes and fees. The fees are no more than taxes by another name.

That’s why, whenever I hear about the so-called “Fair” tax, a consumption or universal sales tax to replace the existing Income Tax, I get REAL nervous. In my experience, we’d not replace the income tax with a sales tax. The Tax ‘n Spend crowd would never allow the Income Tax to be repealed. My fear is that we’d get BOTH! I much prefer a flat tax—no more than 15%. No graduated tax rates. No progressive tax structure, just a flat tax. How much did you make? Pay 15% of that. No deductions, no exemptions It make the withholding tax much easier too. Tax audits would be streamlined as well to nothing more than a determination of actual earnings, not trudging through a pile of “exemptions.”

2 thoughts on “Cartoon of the Day: Lisa Benson

  1. The only benefit to a sales tax in lieu of an "income" tax (IF that income tax was really done away with) is that drug dealers, prostitutes, etc… would pay a share of the taxes under a sales tax only system.

    However, like you said,, I can't see them ever truly letting go of income tax and it probably would end up being a double tax.

    WV: Recoop. Reckon that's suggesting we put the chickens back in the pens?

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