Writer’s Block

I’ve run out of queued posts and I’m drawing a blank for new post. I could do the obligatory “Cold” post because it’s certainly cold. The lows for the last few days have been in the negative regions (Fahrenheit). We got another several inches (5?) of snow overnight on top of all the previous deposits since Christmas Eve. Tonight, the lows be be in the negative double digits and the forecasted high “may” reach zero but will likely be negative as well.

Here’s a photo taken on Christmas Eve.

Compare that with this one taken this morning. Yes, I know it’s not like the deep snow the east coast received, but it’s much above normal for the KC area. See, the usual winter climate for us is cold, but not a lot of snow. The plains are dry and most of the snow from the Colorado mountains gets dumped on eastern Colorado, western Kansas and Nebraska. By the time it reaches KC, we only get an inch or two that is gone in a few days. Not this time. The snow is not melting other than for some surface evaporation on the few sunny days we’ve had. No, it’s just getting deeper and deeper. The photo below that I took this morning and the beginning of the Crucis glacier. As I measured with a yard stick, it’s about 13″ deep on the average just off my deck. I haven’t checked the driveway yet.

I think I’ll just go hibernate for a while.

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