Graph just says it all.

From Rasmussen…

Here’s a pictorial of Obama’s term so far. It starts with the wild optimism of the dupes, followed by the realization that the nation had been defrauded and ending with the revulsion of the now apparent Marxists infesting the White House and democratic leadership. The graph just says it all.

7 thoughts on “Graph just says it all.

  1. Rasmussen is taking serious flak from Leftists for having the temerity to display these numbers. The polls show Our Hero is suffering worse numbers than Mr Bush at the END of his SECOND term.

    Buyers' Remorse, anyone — a HEAPING helping, perchance?


  2. Ouch, that has gotta hurt. Too bad I don't feel sorry for his progressive butt.

    This man will go down as the worst president since Jimmy Carter.

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