Corruptocrat to appear on TV

Democrat Senator Ben Nelson, AKA, the Nebraska Corruptocrat, will appear on TV to “explain” himself. This is in response to the Rasmussen poll just released that show Nelson 31 points behind Republican Gov. Dave Heineman in a potential 2012 Senate race. Nelson is so out of step with Nebraskans that a poll showed Nelson with a 55 percent unfavorable rating and 64 percent disapproval for Democratic health care reform legislation.

Gov. Heineman went so far to say that if the senate version of Obamacare is passed, the state would refuse the special exemptions granted to Nelson by Baccus and Reid to buy Nelson’s vote. Julie Schmit-Albin, executive director of Nebraska Right to Life, said, One wonders if (Nelson) misjudged the level of opposition to this legislation from his constituents, or if he had already made a decision to never seek office again.”

Schmit-Albin said Nelson betrayed his pro-life supporters when he agreed to compromise language prohibiting federal funding of abortions. She has argued that the language would allow federal funding to be used to subsidize abortions. Nelson maintains there would be no funding of abortions with federal money.

Corruption, malfeasance in office, incompetency, lies and fraud. The legacy of the of the democrat party. We see more examples every day and more is revealed through the democrats own actions to support that description. Sounds more like the old Soviet Communist Party every day. Just look what they did to the USSR. If we don’t permanently remove the democrat party from the political scene, we only need to review the history Soviet Union to see what’s in our future.