Another day off, too

Once or twice a year, I get the blahs. By that, I mean nothing seems appropriate for the blog. One such time was after last year’s election. I’m in another now.

You’d think, with all the scandals being investigated in Washington, that would not be the case. Instead of pounding the Obama, Holder and the dems, the ‘Pub establishment injects their usual stupidity to screw up any actual gains we may have achieved.

Establishment stupidity? How about this. It appears our local congresswoman is about to sell us out, again, on the Food Stamp bill. Of course, it isn’t named for what it is. No, they call it a Farm Bill. That’s a strange name for a bill tha 80% of the massive spending is for food stamps. The remaining 20% is mostly pork for corporate farms—not the kind that runs on four legs and you find in the supermarket as ham, bacon and porkchops.

So, I’m extending my vacation. I won’t be posting next Monday or Tuesday, either. I haven’t had a complete physical in…well, I don’t remember the last time. The first set of examinations is next week. There will be more in a month. I don’t expect anything adverse to be found. I’m in excellent health, some minor arthritis aside. But, it will make my wife feel better.

Maybe my muse will return next week.

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