Obama Sending 30,000 Troops to Afghanistan and 5,000 Journalists to Fox News

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Obama Sending 30,000 Troops to Afghanistan and 5,000 Journalists to Fox News

President Obama announced that he will be sending 30,000 more troops to help fight the war in Afghanistan today. He will also send 5,000 journalists to fight the war against Fox News. Democrats fear both strategies could end in a quagmire.

“I think it’s time to withdraw on both fronts,” said a Democrat senator who wished to remain anonymous. “Both wars are impossible to win, and we’re just putting lives at risk. The Taliban can continue to hide in their caves and wait us out. Fox News can continue to broadcast damaging information about Obama, and not enough people watch the other networks to allow the 5,000 journalists to reach a significant audience.”

Due to the failing economics in the news industry, Obama had no problem recruiting 5,000 journalists to send to the war on Fox News. “This is the right war at the right time,” said President Obama. “Our young men and women in the media are the future of this country. We should be proud of the work their doing to fight against a common enemy, Fox News. Our allies support us in this fight, and we will win this war.”

3 thoughts on “Obama Sending 30,000 Troops to Afghanistan and 5,000 Journalists to Fox News

  1. There's absolutely nothing this socialist can do about the huge groundswell of people who trust outlets like Fox News. As long as obama is going to continue to discredit his own nation abroad, Fox will probably be the first (only) to expose it. So long as obama sends our troops into harms way knowing they're at a disadvantage before they even arrive in-theater, Fox will probably expose him as the buffoon he is. To me this just represents the heat that's in the kitchen. Perhaps obama might wanna get out of there if he can't deal with it. Fox probably won't be going away near as quickly as Obama will be leaving. 2012 won't arrive any too soon, either. We really need our country back. Our exceptionalism is being watered down by liberal elitists who think they're gonna be kings. Americans are too strong-willed and to smart to allow this to happen.

  2. Crucis~ Thanks for stopping by my blog & for the follow! Welcome to the blogs. The more the merrier!

    One of Obama's biggest problems is failure to correctly identify the enemy. He's bustin' FNC's chops while yuckin' it up w/ Hugo Chavez & Ahmadenijad. What's wrong w/ THAT picture?

    RWL – we do need our country back. You & I both know we're going to have to fight for it. We cannot repeat the phrase "American Exceptionalism" loudly or often enough. Our current president doesn't believe in it.

    NFO – good seein' you around!

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