Reliant People

My wife and I just saw a movie, The Blind Side. It was a true story about the life of Michael Oher, Offensive Tackle for the Baltimore Ravens. Sandra Bullock starred as Leigh Anne Tuohy, Tim McGraw as Sean Touhy and Quinton Aaron as Michael Oher. It was a great story about rescue, redemption and success.

While it was a great movie, what struck me more were the people—the Touhys and the teachers and coaches at the Wingate Christian School where Oher first played football. The core of the story is how “the system” had failed Michael Oher. He was pushed through the public school system with no skills and little motivation to learn. That is, until he gained admittance to a private school through the efforts of a black family and the Wingate coach who saw Oher’s potential. Oher was a ward of the state and was for all practical purpose, homeless and on the streets. He was failing until Leigh Anne Touhy saw Oher walking in the rain searching for a warm place to spend the night.

Leigh Anne took Oher home to her family and eventually she and her husband gained guardianship for Oher. If Leigh Anne Touhy is in real life as she was portrayed by Sandra Bullock, she is one tough lady.

At one point in the movie, Michael has had a confrontation with an NCAA investigator who questions the Touhy’s motives. Michael Oher goes back to the projects and has a run-in with a small time gang lord. Searching for Michael, Leigh Anne meets the hood who threatens Oher if he can be found. Leigh Anne responds fiercely saying, “I have Prayer meetings with the DA, I’m a life member of the NRA and I’m packing. You don’t mess with my Son and you better not mess with me!

Like I said. Reliant people.

In other scenes, the teachers help overcome Oher’s lack of education by testing him orally. He can read but due to the years of neglect, he can’t express himself when taking written tests. The teachers individually work with Oher to bring his grades up enough to be eligible for a sports scholarship.

More reliant people. Just stop and consider the people you’ve met. People who are reliant. People to do things because it’s the “right thing to do.” People who go out of their way to assist others, not as handouts or a gifts, but to assist others to help themselves.

Reliant people. Ones who are dependable, who are reliant and are self-reliant as well. People who know themselves. Who are comfortable with themselves, will not hesitate to make decisions and, when necessary, to act. Just people who are reliant—and can be relied upon.

If you know any reliant people, treasure them. The world would be a sorry place without them.

3 thoughts on “Reliant People

  1. What a great movie that was! I saw it with my wife before the holiday … maybe the day it came out.

    The whole acting team did a fantastic job. I saw an interview with (the real) Leigh Anne Tuohy and I think in her performance, Bullock nailed her to a tee! Actually the young man who played Michael did extremely well also. Heck, they all did! What an endearing story.

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