but not through Observations…

That is a phrase I heard during last Sunday’s sermon. The essence of the phrase, Luke 17:20, is that God is not accessible through “Observations.” In other words, not through personal acts and ceremonies. In another context, viewing the events as we pass through them, the “observations” of those events and what they may foretell, the phrase acquires a completely different interpretation.

Case in point. Liberals and their democrat sycophants, tell us they revere the Constitution, that they only want to uphold its provisions. However, as we observe them, their acts betray their words.

They claim to support the 1st Amendment, but their actions indicate they only revere that part that protects their, not our, free speech. The other portions of the 1st Amendment is ignored. They ignore the religion component of the 1st Amendment by forcing religious organizations to violate their Church doctrine—specifically, forcing the Catholic Church to provide condoms and birth-control drugs either directly or though health insurance programs.

Not only does this violate the actual text of the 1st Amendment, the “prohibiting the free exercise [of religion] thereof,” it also violates that “separation” of church and state that isn’t in the Constitution but is contained in the Federalist Papers. In the first instance, Obama, in the guise of the chief executive, wants to force the Church to violate church principals. The governmental order restricts the  Church—constrains its ability to freely exercise the principals created through centuries of Church doctrine and canon law. In the second instance, Obama’s acts violate the non-constitutional separation of church and states by imposing political conditions upon the way the church conducts its internal affairs.

From another perspective, Liberals and democrats tell us they have no intention of violating the 2nd Amendment. All the months leading up to the election last November, it was a constant mantra from the left.

The courts, over the last few years, have been reinforcing the common viewpoint of the 2nd Amendment in that it was an individual right and the government could not suppress the individual right to own personal weapons. In another case, the Supreme Court said the 2nd Amendment also applied to the states. Other court cases on whether individuals have the right to self-defense and to bear arms beyond the threshold of their residence are winding their way, slowly, through the courts.

These court actions caused the libs and dems to be quiet on the 2nd Amendment until after the November election. Once they passed that hurdle, they renewed their attempts to suppress our 2nd Amendment rights—see recent actions in New York, Colorado and Connecticut.

What is yet to be known is whether the acts by these states violate the terms of the SCOTUS decision that the U.S. 2nd Amendment also applies to the states. I expect lawsuits to be appearing in all three states that these news laws violate the 2nd Amendment.

The point to all this is that liberals lie. They espouse how they revere the Constitution all the while planning to violate it at the first opportunity when they think they have a measure of short-term advantage. For them, it is not an issue of whether their acts are allowed by the Constitution, it is whether they can gain some advantage through politics or through the apathy of their opponents. Once an act is allowed to stand, it will be extremely difficult to remove it. Perhaps only through blood—the reason why the 2nd Amendment exists.

We maintain our personal freedom through Observances. Observances that are contained within the Constitution and by observing—and reporting, the acts of those who desire to oppress us. Constant vigilance is Observance.