April Fool!

Yes, it’s that time of year again.It’s amazing how gullible some people are. A few pranksters acted early. One I heard yesterday was this. The people who calculate when Easter occurs every year made a mistake last leap year. That error has compounded itself until this year it was enough to throw off their calculations—Easter was a day later this year than the calendar said it was.  In other words, the real Easter is…today! April 1st, 2013.  I was amazed to discover just how many people actually believed the story.

I was perusing my usual news sources today and spied a number of “questionable” articles. For example, there is this one. Senator Marco Rubio is under investigation about a possible “kick-back” scheme. Obviously, it was reported by his political enemies.

Sen. Rubio Under Federal Inquiry

April 1, 2013, By JAVIER MANJARRES

Rubio 5U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, who many consider to be the future of the Republican Party, has been implicated in a pay-for-play scheme with the Miami Metro Zoo, over an allegation that he stands to benefit financial from a bill that he is  supposed to introduce.

 The bill which calls for an initial funding of $5 million for the zoo’s ‘Save the Chimp’ program, which the zoo launched this past February, is slated to be introduced by Rubio sometime in the month of April.

According to several individuals who are cooperating with Federal officials, by introducing the bill, Rubio will be receiving a ‘kick back’  from the zoo in the form of a pack of chimpanzees that Rubio himself  hand picked  while touring the Amazon jungle in Colombia late last year.

 Rubio’s kick back also includes an unlimited supply of bananas to feed the animals, as well as several yearly all expense paid vacations to Colombia for himself and the chimpanzees. According to those same individuals, Rubio has already named one of the primates Pepe.

 A Federal Inquiry is currently underway, in an attempt to find out  the extent of Rubio’s possible involvement in the scheme.

April fool!