Good Friday

It seems as you grow older, Holidays creep up on your before you really notice.  Today is Good Friday, the day celebrates the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The coming Sunday is Easter, the Celebration of His resurrection.

My eldest grandson and his sister have no school today. They attend a private Christian school in Kansas City. When I was growing up, our schools never took Good Friday off. We did have Lincoln’s Birthday off (I grew up in Illinois), but not Good Friday and I didn’t understand why.

Many schools are off today. Not because of Good Friday, but because it’s Teacher’s Day Off. Supposedly, that time is for teachers to complete their government required paperwork, update/create lesson plans, grade tests, homework and student papers—all the stuff my teacher mother and sister used to do at home in the evenings. It’s strange that when I pass those schools on Friday, there are few cars in the parking lots—some I know belong to the custodial staff.

I know my mother brought her work home because I helped her grade her 4-5 grade student’s homework when I was in high school. I know my grandson’s teachers take their work home, like my mother, and have school a full five days a week. The last time I checked, his school, K-12, has a 100% graduation rate. I wonder what the rate is for those schools whose prime purpose, it seems, is to support governmental edicts and union social programs instead of actually educating their students.

I congratulate those schools who are closed today to observe Good Friday. As for those others, who are regularly off on Friday…Phbbbbt!