Monday shot

This will be short. I have to leave in a few minutes for a dental appointment. Before I go, I want to leave you with this piece of information.  John Boehner is betraying us again.

Boehner to Keep Funding ObamaCare

By J. Robert Smith, March 18, 2013

This is why the Republican Party is flopping and floundering like a beached whale. You’ve heard the news, no doubt. Speaker John Boehner said that he’ll allow the CR (Continuing Resolution) that House Republicans are crafting to fund ObamaCare. The speaker, in a rather shallow, one-dimensional pronouncement, stated last week that tackling the federal budget is about “cutting spending.” The speaker fears that defunding ObamaCare in the CR risks shutting down government (perish the thought).

Here are the speaker’s own words, as reported by

“I believe that trying to put Obamacare on this vehicle risks shutting down the government,” Boehner said. “That’s not what our goal is. Our goal here is to reduce spending.”

Mr. Speaker, the goal of the House Republican Caucus isn’t to play the ever-expanding welfare state’s bookkeeper and accountant. The goal of your caucus (along with Republican senators) is to create a compelling alternative to what the federal government should be and what its relationship is to the people. ObamaCare effectively nationalizes one-sixth of the nation’s economy, undermines liberty by curtailing Americans’ choices in health care, and, not incidentally, will wind up mega-bombing the federal budget, the national debt (already nearly unsustainable), and make Uncle Sam’s current Grand Canyon-size deficit look like a divot by comparison.

It’s the big picture, Mr. Speaker, the BIG picture. The time has come to draw a real line in the sand. All these symbolic votes House Republicans cast against ObamaCare means less than voting for your favorite American Idol contestant. Let’s get real — and really put some bite behind all the bark.

Clearly, it makes the speaker’s and his lieutenants’ skin crawl just thinking about the blowback from voters if they’d strike dollars from the CR for ObamaCare, thereby provoking the president to shut down the government. We can guess that Boehner, Cantor, and McCarthy are taking wise counsel from the flawless DC consultants who gave us President Romney, a U.S. Senate majority, and added to the Republican House majority in last year’s elections. Right-O.

You can read more at the website, here. The above article is followed by this one.  Boehner thinks Obama is an alright guy and a friend!

John Boehner: Trust President Obama? ‘Absolutely’

By Cheryl K. Chumley – The Washington Times, March 18, 2013

House Speaker John Boehner says he and President Obama have their differences, but in the end, their relationship is one of trust and friendship.

Mr. Boehner was asked directly during a Sunday talk show: Do you trust the president?

“Absolutely,” he said, as Politico reported. ABC then reported the follow-up question: “Absolutely?” And Mr. Boehner repeated: “Absolutely,” as ABC reported.

Mr. Boehner then continued, as Politico reported: “The president and I, as I have made very clear, have a very good relationship. We’re open with each other. We’re honest with each other. But we’re trying to bridge some big differences.”

Mr. Boehner then went on to suggest Mr. Obama be more like former President Clinton, who successfully reached out to Republicans over budget issues and subsequently nailed the bipartisan talks into his legacy.

“We were able to come to an agreement on a plan that would balance the budget, and it did,” Mr. Boehner said, as ABC reported. “And it’s part of his legacy. And I would hope the president would realize — that this could be part of his legacy as well.”

I firmly believe Boehner was re-elected by democrats.