Boehner betrays us again.

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Once again, John Boehner has sold us out by orchestrating the passage of another Continuing Resolution to continue increased federal spending. His excuse? It confirms the “cuts” required by Sequestration. I also note my local Representative, Vicky Hartzler, vote to pass this abomination.


It’s the ‘Pub establishment continuing to push us down to financial ruin because they haven’t the guts to face the real issues of government—SPENDING!

House OKs funding to run federal government; vote will keep workers on job till Oct. 1

With deadline fatigue setting in, a bipartisan House voted Wednesday to fund the federal government through the end of the fiscal year, which would head off the potential for a government shutdown later this month.

The 267-151 vote also reaffirms sequestration — the $85 billion in cuts all sides agreed to as part of the 2011 debt deal, but that only took effect last week and are now beginning to disrupt government services.

“They are going to occur. And they’re the first and appropriate step for getting our fiscal house back in order,” said Rep. Tom Cole, Oklahoma Republican.

Fifty-three Democrats joined with 214 Republicans in supporting the bill, signaling a strong bipartisan interest in avoiding a government shutdown.

So, federal workers can continue getting paychecks!? Why should they be protected when millions in the private sector are not? Let them go without like those unemployed across the country—as someone said, let them “share the pain.”

I note the government “was shut down” a week or so ago when a blizzard hit. All those deemed “unessential” and told to stay home are the ones we don’t need, obviously. Let’s cut them from the budget. The government will operate just fine.

We will only see real spending cuts when we stop this so-called Continuing Resolutions. Until then, nothing will be done and the federal debt will continue to grow.

Addendum:  They also funded that Great Abomination, Obamacare.

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