Was there anything positive happening this week? Many would say no but I’m seeing a glimmer that could be fruitful for our future. If nothing else, Obama has helped refocus the “Red State” base with his attack on the 2nd Amendment.

First was the farce of Biden’s committee and the resulting attack on the NRA. That should not have surprised us. Nothing else could have occurred. Then NY Governor Cuomo seized an opportunity to ram through legislation so quickly that most of the NY Legislators never had a chance to read the bill. The result? It effectively banned the “high-capacity” rifle and pistol magazines used by the state’s police and law enforcement agencies.

Then when Obama proposed more gun bans, what happened? Opposition. Not from the ‘Pub establishment but from the nation’s grassroots—county Sheriffs.

I don’t know the number of Sheriffs who wrote to the White House expressing opposition and their implied refusal to allow enforcement of any attempts to seize citizens’ arms. Cass County (MO) Sheriff Dwight Diehl promised, “I have made public statements that if the Second Amendment were to be compromised to the point that our individual rights to own or possess a firearm were taken away, I would deputize every law abiding gun owner in my county.”

Texas Governor Rick Perry has joined the opposition with this statement.

Perry’s response [to Obama’s gun-control proposals] echoed portions of National Rifle Association executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre’s argument –– he partly blamed the horrific mass shootings on a culture that partakes in violent entertainment. 

“There is evil prowling in the world –– it shows up in our movies, video games and online fascinations, and finds its way into vulnerable hearts and minds,” Perry wrote. 

Perry’s strongly worded response [to Obama’s gun control proposals] comes just a day after Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott launched an ad campaign inviting New Yorkers to move to Texas to avoid gun regulations enacted there earlier this week.  

The ads, which target users in the New York and Albany area, link to a Facebook application that tout, among other things, the state’s lack of income tax –– “we’ll fight like hell to protect your rights” and “you’ll also get to keep more of what you earn and use some of that extra money to buy more ammo,” it says. — WFAA

Even Harry Reid, listening to his gun-owning constituents for a change, told Obama he didn’t have enough democrat support (meaning Reid?) to get passage of any new gun-control legislation through the Senate. Another positive effect was to increase the membership of the NRA by 250,000 in a sudden surge of support for the NRA.

If these pro-gun trends continue, we should see a re-supply of high capacity magazines whose stock is currently exhausted, and increased availability of AR and other semiautomatic rifles, such as the AK variants on the market. Those magazine and rifle on-hand stocks were exhausted in a rush of panic buying.

But that should not be all. We should take this attempt to break the Constitution as a wake up call. We need more manufacturers of high capacity magazines, more magazine components…tubes, springs, base-plates and followers. We also need more ammunition manufacturers and manufacturers of ammunition components such as primers, brass, bullets and powder. Finally, we need more small weapons manufacturers. We need to disperse the manufacture, supply, distribution of weapons and ammunition to insure continued supply and availability in the event of future unconstitutional acts.

Not only must we resist any future anti-constitutional acts, we must also insure we have and continue to have the means to resist. We must insure we’re never again in a position where the Feds have the means to limit or control our access to weapons and ammunition. This attempt by Obama and the liberals should be a real wake-up call if we’re wise enough to heed it.