Dinosaur Media Watch: Chicago Sun-Times

Another dinosaur of the State Media is lumbering towards extinction. This item just appeared concerning the Chicago Sun-Times.

Sun-Times closing Chicago-area printing press

CHICAGO (AP) – The Chicago Sun-Times’ parent company is closing a suburban printing plant, which is expected to cost 70 jobs.

Sun-Times spokeswoman Tammy Chase confirms the Sun-Times Media Group plans to close its Pioneer Press printing plant in Northfield. Pioneer Press publishes dozens of Chicago-area community newspapers owned by the ailing conglomerate.

Chase couldn’t provide other details. And it isn’t clear where the community papers might be printed in the future.

The move comes amid waves of recent jobs cuts as the Sun-Times tries to reduce costs during its bankruptcy reorganization.

Chase says Sun-Times executives are meeting with union leaders to discuss efforts to sell the parent company. She declined to provide details.

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