I created a firestorm in a FB group today. It was not quite…unintentional. I knew there’d be some members who’d not like my post. Wow, was I surprised!

It all started with this:

“I seldom vote straight ticket. This year I am. Why? It’s easy. We need to remove democrats from office at all levels. Voting ‘Pub is the only way to do that.”

That statement was followed with a link to Michael Mahoney’s blog post.

3P Poll: McCaskill Up by 4, Libertarian May Hold the Key

Public Policy Polling’s (3P) last Missouri Senate survey shows Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill with a 4% point lead over Republican challenger, Todd Akin. Libertarian candidate, Jonathan Dine holds 6% of the Missouri vote.

3P’s survey indicates the Libertarian vote may be the key in a bruising Senate rate.

” Akin’s chances at pulling off an upset comeback victory may depend on whether Dine really gets 6% at the polls on Tuesday,” 3P said in its summary statement.

It appears that few, if any in that FB group, actually read Mahoney’s post. They keyed off my statement supporting voting straight ‘Pub ticket this election. Here’s one comment of several in the same theme.

“I would rather the Dems win the Lt Gov seat then have Peter Kinder win.”

That individual has a right to make that statement. It does, however, indicate why 3rd parties fail. It’s not that the 3rd parties have a better solution. Rarely do they. Instead, it’s more about what they are against. In this case a particular candidate. From the contents of some of the statements, it’s appears to be pure hatred.

The original post discussed McCaskill, Akin, and Dine, not Peter Kinder nor Cynthia Davis. I don’t know much about Cynthia Davis. I know she used to be a ‘Pub and after some flap about something, flipped to the Constitution(?) party. OK, that’s her right. But from my observations, the issue between her and Kinder isn’t political—that I could understand. No, it appears to be personal and those issues have extended to her followers.

The problem is that so many 3rd party candidates have lost sight of the goal—to remove democrats from office at ALL levels. Not just the federal one. Instead, they work harder against a conservative competitor than the dem. To them, it’s not getting rid of the dems. No, it’s blocking the ‘Pub that is more important.  That attitude helps no one except the dems.

Dine is polling 6% in the polls against Akin and McCaskill. If his followers switch to Akin, Akin will win. It all depends on those Libertarians deciding whom they detest more…the dem, Claire McCaskill, or the ‘Pub, Todd Akin.

If this election wasn’t so crucial, I wave my hand at the 3rd parties and wish them well. I’m not a pure ‘Pub myself. I label myself as a Tea Party conservative. However, this election is much, much more important—quite likely whether we can prevent a civil war in the future.

If the dems win or retain control of the Senate, that war will loom much closer. If the ‘Pubs win, we’ll push that event further into the future. Maybe, just maybe, it won’t occur.

I want that.

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