News you won’t hear from the MSM

If you’re like me you seldom listen to the MSM. The only time I do is for a different viewpoint—if there is one at all. For example, I’ve posted several times about the events and non-reported events in Benghazi. The MSM is remarkably silent on that subject. If you go to the CBS News website, you’ll find nothing about Benghazi. You’ll find sympathetic stories about children in Egypt, the Syrian civil war but not a word on Benghazi. Ditto for ABC News, NBC News, and CNN. I’m not going to bother with MSNBC.

But Benghazi isn’t the subject for today. It’s all the other news items, some big, some small, that isn’t being covered.

If you rely on the MSM and the local TV stations for your news, you’re being lied to—lied by omission rather than commission. The result of either method is ignorance…your ignorance of what is truly happening in the country and around the world.

An ignorant populace is one that can be easily led, mislead and manipulated. That is the prime reason why pamphleteers such as Franklin and Paine were so important during the revolution. It is also why the press has in integral function in our society. Until that responsibility is corrupted like is has been today.

Being informed in not the sole responsibility of the press or the MSM. Like that of self-defense, insuring we are informed is a personal responsibility.  All the headlines above were found on The Drudge Report this morning. The Drudge website is updated frequently, sometimes within minutes of the event. It is one of a number of sites I use to keep myself informed.

Here are a few others. I would suggest you build a list of favored sites and check them daily, if not more often. Being informed allows you to make good, informed decisions. Decisions at the polls. Decisions at work. Decisions at home.

This is just a short list. I have as well some liberal sites such as The Politico and The Hill because some of their reporters aren’t all that liberal.

Have you created your news list? Everyone should.