Tuesday’s Thoughts

The election is a week away. That’s good. With Sandy working over New Jersey, New York and New England, a number of folks are worried that Obama will delay the election.

Ain’t gonna happen!

The date is fixed in federal law. If you listened to Rush yesterday, he quoted chapter and verse. I didn’t write it down but don’t worry, Obama can’t delay the election.  Consider. Why would he want to do that? Check Drudge this morning. As more time passes, Obama is doing worse and worse. Even NPR has Romney ahead of Obama.

It’s the same an many of the state races. Akin is closing in on McCaskill (see yesterday’s post.) I’m sure she’s counting on a sympathy boost due to the death of her mother. But as time passes, Akin does better and better.


Speaking of Claire McCaskill, she voted for the Stimulus packages (note, plural.) Here’s another reminder just how effective that wasted money was.

Quarter-billion-dollar stimulus grant creates just 400 jobs

Bankrupt energy business joins list of federally-backed flops

Battery maker A123 Systems vowed thousands of new jobs when it received a nearly quarter-billion-dollar stimulus grant in late 2009, but federal job-tracking figures show only a few hundred positions were created before the company joined a growing list of federally backed energy businesses that ended in bankruptcy.

The latest quarterly report on file with a federal stimulus tracking database shows just seven positions created through the grant from April to June this year. Previous quarters’ job reports contained anywhere from a handful of positions created to more than 100 new jobs.

But even when the quarterly reports are combined, a total of 408 new positions were reported under the stimulus program since 2009, amounting to more than $300,000 spent for each new job reported.

Like Solyndra, green energy isn’t. It isn’t productive, nor profitable without government subsidies. In short, green energy is a fraud.


Have you heard this? Two flag-officers were fired because they attempted to help those in peril in Benghazi. Everyone has heard about General Ham who was in command of Africom. Have you heard about Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette, the commander of the USS John C. Stennis strike group in the Med?

Navy Replaces Admiral Leading Mideast Strike Group Because of Ongoing Investigation

Oct 27, 2012 8:27pm

In an unusual move, the Navy has replaced an admiral commanding an aircraft carrier strike group while it is deployed to the Middle East.  The replacement was prompted by an Inspector General’s investigation of allegations of inappropriate leadership judgment.

Rear Adm. Charles M. Gaouette, the commander of the USS John C. Stennis strike group, is being returned to the United States for temporary reassignment.

In a statement the Navy said it had approved a request made by Vice Adm. John W. Miller, the Commander of U.S. Naval Forces Central Command, to temporarily reassign Gaouette  “pending the results of an investigation by the Navy Inspector General.”

A Navy official familiar with the circumstances of the investigation said it involved allegations of “inappropriate leadership judgment” and stressed it was not related to personal conduct.

This is very unusual. Admiral Gaouette worked with General Ham to support a response to Benghazi when he, like General Ham, was summarily relieved by their deputies on orders from the Pentagon.

The whole Benghazi affair gets more and more telling of Obama’s incompetence and pro-muslim policies. Here’s just a couple or three examples.

I think there is more than enough evidence to impeach Obama for malfeasance—at least enough to get an investigation going. However, I’ll settle for booting his butt out of MY White House next Tuesday.

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