Friday Follies for October 19, 2012

I don’t know how many of you read The Daily Caller. It’s an on-line news outlet that NewsWeek Global would like to emulate. It was started two years ago by Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel. I subscribe to their daily e-mail newsletter. Today’s email has some interesting information for Missourians.

Here’s just a short list from today’s Daily Caller with Missouri news items.

I note this as an example how the print media can, successfully, make the transition from newsprint to digital distribution. Tucker Carlson’s partner, Neil Patel, knows how to successfully market on the internet. Carlson has twenty years experience in Journalism and is one of the few journalists outside FOX who is not a liberal.  Between the two of them they have created a successful product.

I am not endorsing The Daily Caller. You’re intelligent enough to make that decision for yourself. I suggest you visit the site, compare it with others, and then make your decision. You needn’t be dependent on local newspapers for your information. There’s a whole world of information available if you just look for it.