Pugsley wins

As we get closer to November, the polls are tightening. Romney is either at par or slightly ahead of Obama in most of the polls. He’s doing better in the crucial swing states as well.

If that is true, why do I not feel optimistic—I usually am? Perhaps it’s the travesty of an election in Venezuela. Chavez, known in some circles as Pugsley, was up for his third 6-year term. This time he had a courageous opponent. One who had a real chance of winning.  On election day, exit polls indicated a huge win for Chavez’ challenger. Hours after the polls closed Chavez was called the winner with 54% of the vote.

Something smells.

Obama congratulated Chavez.

We have had ample examples of democrat vote fraud, locally and at the state and federal levels. We’ve already seen democrat controlled states disenfranchising the military by refused to send them absentee ballots within the time-frame required by law. Ohio and Wisconsin are the most obvious examples.

In the last election we had examples of democrats shuffling illegals through polls and registering the dead. Breitbart investigated A.C.O.R.N. and exposed their fraudulent tactics.  A.C.O.R.N. continues to get federal funding despite legislation passed in Congress.

After his extremely poor performance in last week’s debate, Obama and the democrats are getting desperate. When ‘rats get desperate, they do desperate things. If Obama loses, we can expect protest, lawsuits, more examples of the “hanging chad,” any tactic to whittle away votes for Romney. Think Florida of 2000 but across the country, especially in those critical swing states.

I do not expect this election to be quiet even with an overwhelming margin for Romney. ‘Rats and the parasite class won’t give up their government subsidies without protests.

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