Cartoons of the Day

As usual when the Muse flees, I’m punting today.  Once again, it’s time for…the Cartoons of the Day.

When you have almost 50% of the country’s population on the public dole in some form or another, it’s not surprising the polls still show Obama with a two point lead. That’s includes, to an extent, Social Security recipients. Too many subsist solely on Social Security.

My wife and I receive Social Security payments too. Over half our fixed income comes from Social Security.  But we’re not voting for Obama. We realize that if the country collapses, there won’t be any Social Security for anyone. Voting for Obama brings that collapse closer.

Obama spoke at the UN last week. As expected, he joined the chorus blaming a 10 minute YouTube video for the riots across the Islamic world despite the evidence it was a planned attack by Al Qaeda. It was his and Hilliary’s policies that disarmed our Embassies and Consulates. The FBI still, after more than two weeks, have not started their investigation in Benghazi.  Why? It’s too dangerous.

It wasn’t too dangerous to send our Ambassador there without guards or any protection. The White House and the MSM continue to parrot blame against a video contrary to all the evidence and a two-day warning by the government of Libya.

He was too busy to meet with BiBi Netanyahu while at the UN, nor listen to his speech warning of Iran’s race for the Bomb. Obama’s schedule was too full for that.

To coin a phrase from Ann Coulter—Despicable!

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