You just can’t make this up.

I’m on vacation this week. My wife and I have been going off on day-trips while the gas prices have been dropping. There are a number of gunshops in very small towns around here and I’ve been visiting them just to see what can be found. If I see a nice used J-Frame, I’ll pick it up for my wife. She likes revolvers.

Today is a bit different, the wife has a Dr appointment so I’ve been surfing just to see what’s happened the last few days and I ran across this. We’ve always known that Biden is a few cells short of a quorum. This statement is just another proof that liberalism increases stupidity.

Joe Biden update: No ‘private meetings,’ just meetings closed to the press

Democrat vice president Joe Biden either getting on or off of Air Force Two

Possibly a very important policy change quietly emerged in the daily schedule of Vice President Joe Biden today.

Loyal Ticket readers know that as a patriotic duty we monitor the long-time senator’s schedule with a close eye for detail because, after all, this man is only a heartbeat away from having to give a toast at a G8 summit. We’ve especially noted Biden’s innumerable “private meetings” that are closed to the press because, well, they’re private.

And we’ve wondered aloud how this Democratic VP’s private meetings with unnamed people on unnamed subjects differs from the private meetings with unnamed people that his evil predecessor had that got so many Democratic senators and representatives worried about nefarious secrets.

On one recent long weekend the man who became a Delaware senator when his future boss, Barack Obama, was an inexperienced fundraiser of only 11, devoted an entire Monday to “private meetings” that are closed press in his Delaware home.

If that isn’t dedication for the $208,000 salary.

Well, today’s schedule, unlike many at the end of Biden’s work weeks, contains no “private meetings.” Not one.

Having spent Thursday traveling and successfully selling the nation on the so far hard-to-detect effects of the $787 billion Obama administration economic stimulus spending plan that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave them, Biden will show up for work around 11 today.

He’ll join Health and Human Services Secy. Kathleen Sebelius in a roundtable to discuss only the rising costs of healthcare for people who own or work for small businesses. One suspects the absent president’s ambitious plan to spend billions more to impose his healthcare reforms might also be mentioned.

OK, so figure an hour for the roundtable, maybe 75 minutes max. You can only talk about that stuff so long before requiring healthcare yourself. Fifteen minutes for handshaking, cellphone photos and congratulations on the excellent roundtable. The VP should be outta there by 12:30.

That leaves — what? — five, maybe six hours to make it a seven-hour workday.

According to the White House schedule, Biden will not spend the remainder of the work day in private meetings that are closed press.

Instead: “The Vice President will spend the remainder of the day in meetings that are closed press.”

You get the difference, right?

— Andrew Malcolm

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