History Channel: The Revolution

I’m sitting in my recliner, laptop on my lap, watching the History Channel’s re-run of their “Revolution” series. At the moment, they are showing the events leading up to the revolution—the high taxes, the arrogance of the British government and the assumption of the British that the Americans would just roll over at the first “whiff of grape.” At the moment they are talking about the pamphleteers and Thomas Paine’s Common Sense pamphlet that made Americans finally realize their only course was separation from the British Empire.

The British thought the Americans were weak and divided. Many were, but those remaining were not and were determined to succeed or die. Strange how the events leading to that revolution some 233 years ago are mirrored today—the democrat high taxes, the arrogance of our single party government. I wonder how long it will be until that arrogant government seeks to oppress their opposition? The first mechanisms are already in place with the state controlled media.

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