Words can’t describe how I feel

I had to go into the office today. This was the first time in over a year because my company laptop went toes-up and I had to get it fixed. So, I spent a good part of this morning and afternoon running from one office to another. And, it was hot!

Betwixt offices I listened to Rush on the radio. Just before he went off the air, a caller announced that she’d finally read all 300 pages added just before the vote. In that mess were provisions for a government inspection required before you could sell your house. It had to be “green”, meet all EPA requirements and contain “government approved” wiring, appliances, windows and insulation, etc. If you didn’t meet the required specifications, you couldn’t sell your house until you did!!!

This is tyranny. At the present time, as long as the seller was truthful with buyer about the condition of the house, the two parties could negotiate selling/buying terms until both parties were satisfied. Now, the government will make that decision and that means another new federal bureaucracy, more waste and more tax money to fund the new agency.


2 thoughts on “Words can’t describe how I feel

  1. The easiest way is to watch Rep. John Boehner's filibuster attempt on YouTube. He actually read the amendment, item by item and opined on each as he read them.

    It was marvelous to watch although fruitless in the end due to eight RINOs.

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