Milestones to November

Today’s post is late. I had my quarterly visit with the vampire. That disrupted my daily schedule.  While I was sitting in the waiting room, I scanned some items off the internet.  One, caught my attention. A new poll announced by a Columbia, MO station.

New Poll Has Akin Ahead of McCaskill

Posted: Aug 30, 2012 7:40 AM by KOMU Staff
Updated: Aug 30, 2012 10:18 AM

JEFFERSON CITY – A new poll commissioned by the Conservative Family Research Council finds Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin beating Claire McCaskill.

The poll has Akin up 45 percent to McCaskill’s 42 percent. Last week, two polls had Akin trailing and one of them was by double digits.

Columbia is a hot-bed of liberalism as is St. Louis and Kansas City.  The story has little info on the poll itself, such as was this the results of registered or likely voters. It was conducted by the Family Research Council a Pro-Life organization.

The Family Research Council poll was conducted by Wenzel Strategies from Aug. 27 to Aug. 28, testing 829 voters for a margin of error of plus or minus 3.38 percent. The sample was 32.7 percent Democrats, 34.1 percent Republicans and 33.2 percent independents.Hot Air.

This poll was slightly weighted towards the ‘Pubs but not excessively so. I would like to see the sampling by region.  If the sampling was heavily outside the liberal bastions, the results would be skewed towards Akin.  Another poll by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has Akin down by 9 points (50 vs. 41) but Romney up by 7 (50 vs 43). I have more confidence in this poll. You can see the questions and the regional responses. There are still open questions concerning party ratios and whether those polled were registered or likely voters.

Frankly, I don’t trust either of these polls. The Family Research Council is an Akin supporting organization.  The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is a liberal rag like the Kansas City Star.  Any poll sponsored by the Post-Dispatch is questionable.  Rasmussen will have another MO poll out in a few weeks and that one I’ll trust. Rasmussen has a track record of sampling likely voters and equal party ratios for all sides.

The RNC is whining that an Akin loss would prevent the ‘Pubs from taking control of the Senate.

Priebus: Akin could cost GOP chance to win Senate

The Associated Press

Republican National Party chair Reince Priebus says that Todd Akin’s insistence on staying in the Missouri Senate race could cost the party its chance to win control of the Senate.

Priebus says Akin “should put the mission of liberty and freedom ahead of himself” and leave the race.

On the other hand Priebus refused to provide any funding for Akin’s campaign. The RNC appears to be attempting to sabotage Akin’s campaign by stealing his trained staffers. If Priebus was truly concerned about losing the Senate, why did he make this public statement?

It’s pretty clear now that Akin is not going to knuckle under to the ‘Pub establishment. It’s time for the RNC to get over their hissy-fit and back Akin’s campaign. If the ‘Pubs fail to gain control of the Senate, don’t blame Akin. Blame Reince Piebus.