Keep focused on the Objective

The time limit has passed.  Supposedly, the option for Akin to resign as the ‘Pub Senate candidate passed yesterday at 5PM CDT.  From what I understand, it will now take a court order to remove him as a candidate. 

There are no good options now but let’s take a look at some of those proposed solutions.

  1. Have Sarah Steelman or John Brunner run for the Senate as write-in candidates.  Unfortunately, they are prohibited by law from running, as write-ins, for an office when they’ve lost the primary for that same office.
    ”write-in candidate” is a person

    whose name is not printed on the ballot (see 115.453(4,5,6) RSMo); and who has filed a declaration of intent  to be a write-in candidate for election to office with the proper election authority prior to 5:00 p.m. on the second Friday immediately preceding the election day. It is not necessary to file a declaration of intent if there are no candidates on the ballot for that office. (see 115.453 (4) RSMo) 

    Frequently asked questions on write-in candidatesCan a write-in candidate be on a primary election ballot? No. (Section 115.453 (5) RSMo)

    If a candidate runs in a primary election and loses, can the person run in the general election for the same  office?
     No.  If a candidate files for nomination to an office and is not nominated at a primary election, that candidate cannot file a declaration of intent to be a write-in candidate for the same office at the general election. (Section 115.453(4) RSMo)

    Are write-in candidates posted at the polling place? No. The election authority shall furnish a list to the election judges and counting teams prior to Election Day of all write-in candidates who have filed a declaration of intent. (Section 115.453(4) RSMo)Are write-in votes counted for every name that is written in?

      No. If a candidate is on the ballot for an office, write-in votes are counted only for the candidates who have filed a declaration of intent to be a write-in candidate with the proper election authority.  (Section 115.453(4), first sentence) If no candidate is on the ballot for an office, it is not required to file a declaration of intent and votes are counted for every name properly written in. (Section 115.453(4) RSMo, last sentence.I am not a lawyer, but running as a 3rd-party candidate could fall under this prohibition as well.  Sarah Palin today suggested that Sarah Steelman run as a 3rd-party candidate.  Sorry Sarah P, that is not a good idea, nor, if the above statutes are applicable, a legal option.

  2. Shift support to another current candidate such as the one from the Libertarian party.Who?

    That says it all. I don’t know who’s running as the Libertarian candidate. I doubt many do since the Libertarians usually are only pull single-digit percentages in the state elections. (I had to look him up. It’s John Dine (L) who is the Libertarian candidate for the US Senate.)

  3. Remove Akin via a court order and the ‘Pub state Central Committee selects a replacement.  Wow! That would really resolve things.  The pro-Akin supporters against the non-Akin supporters. That would guarantee a split party and likely would hand the election to Claire McCaskill.

None of the options above are really viable. Each of those options would split the votes of the Party and McCaskill wins.  THAT IS WHAT THE DEMS WANT!

Let’s not forget the Objective of this exercise, this election.

Remove Claire McCaskill from office and replace her with a conservative Senator. 

I didn’t vote for Akin in the primary. He won without my vote. It’s the fact. Akin won the primary legally.

So. Sarah Palin, as much as I like you, butt out! 

John Dine: find your own supporters. Don’t plan on poaching from the ‘Pubs. 

‘Pubs: Man up. It’s time to pull up your big-boy pants and get on with life. For better or worse, the party has a candidate for Senate and it’s Todd Akin. He didn’t quit. Your hissy-fits didn’t work. Now recognize the reality and rally behind Akin and let’s win! Claire McCaskill must go!

Since Crossroads and the RNC cut funds to Akin, let’s make up the difference.  Any lessening of support will hand the election to McCaskill.

Let’s never forget the Objective: Claire McCaskill must be removed from the Senate and replaced with a conservative Senator.