Friday Follies for August 3rd, 2012

It’s time for the Follies again. As usual, it’s because I have not found a core topic of the day.  This week has seen a momentous event. Christians and conservative fighting back against the liberal tyranny.

The Huckleberry is taking credit for Chick-Fil-A appreciation day. Truth be told, I think it was a spontaneous event. I heard too many commentators say the same before Huckleberry’s radio  program was aired.  Be that as it may, everyone, especially the libs, were surprised by result. 

Here in Kansas City, lines of cars were blocks long to enter the Chick-Fil-A drive-through.  The local TV stations, the Fox affiliate excepted, barely mentioned the event as did the KC “Red” Star.  If I remember correctly, the Star placed a small report about the size of the response on page eight.

Even cartoonists got into the act.  The best I saw was the one below by Glenn McCoy.

Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day***

Missouri’s primary approaches. I’ve been an outside observer in previous elections. Other than supporting the generic Tea Party in 2010, this election is the first I’ve taken a more spirited interest.

I have some favorites. Everyone does. It would be unusual if anyone didn’t favor one candidate over another. This election is different for me. I’ve come to personally know—and admire, some of the candidates. I’ve become friends with a few office holders. I’ve also had time to spend some one-on-one time with a number of the candidates.

No election is corruption free. By corruption I don’t mean voter fraud. No, by corruption I mean fraud to the voters. By my observation there are three types of candidates.

The first type and I would hope the majority, are driven to reverse the trends our county, our state and our nation has created—debt, loss of liberty, purposeful malfeasance by government officials and an agenda to destroy our historical and cultural traditions.

The second type of candidate is plentiful, too.  He’s the good ol’ boy who believes that since he has, “paid his dues,” he deserves to be elected or elevated to office.  All too many of these expect and receive the support of the political establishment because, “It’s their turn.”

Frequently you can recognize them by their campaign strategy. They are the first to start slinging slime and mud, spreading lies about their opponents while saying nothing about their own philosophy and accomplishments. Probably they are silent about their accomplishments because they have none.

That in itself is a sad state of affairs for those already in office. When their record is nothing more than, “Me, too!” it makes you wonder just what their qualifications actually are. My rule of thumb when a candidate initiates a smear campaign is to vote for the other candidate—or in a multi-candidate field, the recipient of that smear.

I can’t abide a liar. I personally vet the claims of the candidates. When I determine who is the liar, I support his opponent.

The third type of candidate is the worse. These are the corrupters. Oh, they don’t believe they are corrupt. They just take advantage of the opportunities of their offices.  Cass County has a history of corruption covering decades. The corruption has existed so long that many from both parties believe it has become standard practice. Even with the rise of the ‘Pubs in the county these last few years, corruption still exists and major and minor scales.

We have an excellent example of this minor corruption just now being exposed. I don’t have to name that example. It has appeared in the local news outlets already.

Misuse of public funds is frequently the result. It matters not if it is through nepotism, taking personal advantage of no-bid projects, or wasting money to gain favor through corporate welfare, these pols will eventually be found and exposed. It is those of that same mindset that we must remove from office or insure they never achieve it.

Am I disappointed in my fellow ‘Pubs?  Yes, to an extent. I know that some who may win next week are truly unfit for office.  Will I vote for them next Fall? Reluctantly, yes. Unfit they may be, but on their worse day, they are still better than a democrat.

Or at least I hope so. Saying that exposes the sad state of our nation, state, and county.