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I have an appointment this morning. So this post will be short.

Supreme Court Justice Scalia said this week that the 2nd Amendment allows regulation of firearms. Something that disheartened many 2nd Amendment supporters and gave hope to gun-grabbers.  We must understand that the various gun control acts from 1935 until today have met a number of court challenges. Tt behooves us to be very diligent whenever a gun-grabber tries to slip one past us. An amendment to ban large-cap magazines to the Cyber-Security bill is an example.

Now the gun-grabbers are trying again.

Two Democratic Members of Congress are introducing legislation today that would place new regulations on the online and mail-order sale of ammunition. — The Hill.

These acts by dems/libs/gun-grabbers will not stop. We must understand that and be ever vigilant. Yes, there are avenues we could take to strengthen the 2nd Amendment but frankly, I think the next time the dems gain power in Congress they will ignore those laws, like they are ignoring DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) now.

As Thomas Jefferson said, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”

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