Short Post, again

Long day at work, conference calls, IM sessions, Local Exchange Carrier issues. So many people who need a kickstart.

I’ve been reading “Atlas Shrugged”. It’s slow reading because every few pages I just have to put it down. It makes me mad. The part that makes me mad is that it’s all true today. People who don’t care. People who won’t make a decision. People who constantly look for consensus when consensus doesn’t fix the problem and YES! It’s a problem, not some PC constrained “issue.”

It is amazing how true “Atlas Shrugged” is for today’s political environment. All the socialist efforts by BO and the democrats have consequences but they ignore what will happen, hoping that by the time the crash arrives, they will be so firmly entrenched they can’t be dislodged.

If you haven’t read “Atlas Shrugged” get a copy and do so. It is not an easy read. My edition has 1,017 pages of very small print. You’d be amazed how much the democrats of today are depicted in that fifty-year old book. The technology has changed, but just substitute GM and Chrysler for Taggart Transcontinental. Substitute the Environmentalists for Orren Boyle and the State Science Institute. All the current players are there.

I hope when I finish Ayn Rand’s solution will be one we can use.

But, don’t tell me, I haven’t gotten that far—page 261 of 1,017.