Seasonal Shifts

Our heat wave has changed for this coming week according to forecasts.  We’ve had a week or more of 100+F temperatures. Several times last week the highs hit 106.  This week the forecasts project highs in the high 80s.


Take it while you can.  The lowered temps mean my blog posting will change. Most of the year I get up early (for me), find a topic and write. For the last week or so the temps have been in the high 90s or 100 by the time I’m finished.  This week, I’m doing my errands while it’s cool and writing later.  For now, this cartoon by Chuck Asay will have to suffice until I acquire new habits.

Another from Michael Ramirez.

This last cartoon disturbs me.  Unfortunately, it holds true for so many. I heard a question recently, “What would you be willing to die for?”  For many of us, the immediate answer is family and friends. We never consider the question beyond those boundaries.

Would you be prepared to die to preserve the Constitution? That is the spirit of the oath every member of the military takes.  Would those of you who have never served take that oath today if you KNEW it would take you into immediate, personal danger and possible death?

Or, would you let that decision pass?