Time Shift

Like many, Mrs. Crucis and I spent a normal Independence Day. We did have one variance. We replaced one of my oldest personal possessions — my office chair.  I’ve owned this chair for 32 years. In 1980 I worked as a field engineer for a computer company.  I supervised around 30 other engineers and traveled to sites where a local engineer had a problem he couldn’t fix.  Between those field calls, I spent a lot of time in the office.

It was a normal HON swivel chair. A common design for the times.  When the company upgraded our office furniture from the standard office/desk arrangement to cubes and modular furniture, I was able to buy my chair.  It’s been my home office chair since that time.

Now, I’m no longer 33 years old. The chair isn’t new.  It’s still in good shape and I’ll keep it for visitors but with age, occasional bouts with bursitis and arthritis, I need something with a bit more…cushion. Whatever cushioning the old chair had is now long gone.  The new one is classified “For Profession Use.” Well, I certainly put in a number of hours at my keyboard each day. If time equates to being a professional, I fit the bill.

I’ll roll my old friend aside. It won’t end up on the trash heap.  Not for many years yet. If that ever happened it would be like abandoning an old friend.  I have many faults but disloyalty isn’t one of them. Let’s just say the chair will enjoy a peaceful retirement. Like me.