Waiting with baited breath

Yes, I know, the proper word in this post title should be “bated”, not “baited.”  Somehow, bait seems more appropriate.  Like Rush said yesterday, no matter what the Obamacare ruling will be, it will still be a mess.  Ditto for Holder’s Contempt of Congress vote in the House.

Personally, I don’t see how SCOTUS can decide anything other than to declare all of Obamacare Unconstitutional.  But the Law and human foibles are a factor too.  Who would have thought that Chief Justice Roberts would side with Obama and Holder on the Arizona bill? It makes you wonder if Roberts was under some coercion.

The bottom line is what we have always known. Government is not our friend—never has been, never will be. Our only means of survival is to keep government small and politically weak except for one mandate—to preserve the security of the country.

Along with the SCOTUS decision is the Holder vote. Acts by two different but equal branches of government. The democrats in the House are expected to support Holder. The Black Congressional Caucus plan to walk out during the vote.  That, too, is a meaningless gesture until they can prevent the House from achieving a quorum. I don’t think they have the numbers for that.

We are living in Interesting Times.  We’ve brought that Chinese curse upon ourselves by allowing our enemies within to gain control. It’s time to fix that situation.