Illinois democrats target minorities.

Dave Workman, writing in the Examiner, reports how Illinois state representative Andre M. Thapedi is targeting minorities in specific zip codes. The representative has proposed stringent gun control by proposing a ban on “any assault weapon or .50 caliber rifle.”

It appears that the representative has proposed an amendment to “House Bill 1966 that specifically prevents residents in the Englewood neighborhood from owning, selling, buying or manufacturing “any assault weapon or .50 caliber rifle.”

From the article…

Illinois Assembly considering racist bill aimed at minority neighborhood in Chicago

Suppose the Alabama Legislature was considering an amendment to a bill that would prevent residents in a specific neighborhood of Birmingham that was heavily populated by minorities from exercising a constitutionally-protected civil right, say voting?

The outrage that would erupt over something like that would be deafening. Sunday morning news programs would be loaded with volatile rhetoric from the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, and no doubt marches would be staged at the home of the lawmaker who sponsored such a horrendous piece of legislation.
Well, welcome to Springfield, Illinois where State Rep. Andre M. Thapedi, a Democrat representing the 32nd District on Chicago’s South Side has introduced an amendment to House Bill 1966 that specifically prevents residents in the Englewood neighborhood from owning, selling, buying or manufacturing “any assault weapon or .50 caliber rifle.”
He’s done some serious homework on this by identifying the specific zip codes – 60619, 60620, 60621, 60629, 60636 and 60637 – where the residents apparently cannot be trusted with these firearms while, apparently because every other zip code in the state was not included, every other Illinois citizen is free to possess these guns.
As it happens, the 32nd District extends through these zip codes and according to a contact at the Chicago Sun-Times, this area is overwhelmingly African-American, with a small percentage of Hispanics. Rep. Thapedi is African-American, and he did not return my call to ask about this amendment.
It doesn’t matter what one thinks about so-called “assault weapons” or even .50-caliber target rifles. What does matter is how one thinks about a piece of legislation that targets the residents of a specific neighborhood; an amendment that singles them out as “different” and perhaps less trustworthy with firearms – any firearms, perhaps – than other Chicago residents, or other residents of Illinois.
Forget about the guns for a moment. Let’s say residents in those zip codes should be barred from sending their children to school. How about we pass a law denying health care to anyone living in those zip codes? Or maybe we ought to just deny legal representation to anyone living in that neighborhood who is arrested by the police.

Workman continues.

If residents of a specific neighborhood can be denied the right to have a firearm because of their residence and no other reason, what’s to stop the limitation of other rights or government services by legislative whim?
Not that it matters, but this neighborhood is home to the St. Sabina Catholic church, the parish of radical priest Michael Pfleger. He is the priest who, during a demonstration outside of Chuck’s Gun Shop in suburban Riverdale, called on the crowd to “snuff” gun shop owner John Riggio; you know, the same priest who delivered some rather colorful remarks about former Sen. Hillary Clinton when she was running in the Democratic primary against Chicago Sen. Barack Obama.
Perhaps Rep. Thapedi should be given some slack because his intentions are probably good. Rep. Thapedi ought to consult with Father Pfleger about how the Road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

Well, at least the democrats are equal opportunity oppressors.