Hey! It’s time for the Friday Follies!

When Dave Ramsey was moved up to Laura Ingraham’s slot on the local radio, I was disappointed. It’s not that I dislike Dave Ramsey. No, I like him and his principles. Mrs Crucis and I have developed a similar system over the years and it’s worked well for us.

Dave, although an admitted conservative, isn’t a political pundit. But from time to time, he pronounces a truism. Today’s was this (as best I remember it.)

“Wealth will destroy you if you are unprepared to manage it properly.”

That statement was preceded by a discussion of a 13 year-old girl who received a $100,000 lump sum settlement due to an injury.  She was fully recovered and the father called Dave how to best manage the money until the girl’s 18th birthday when it would become hers.  Dave responded with some financial suggestions but the discussion turned to how well would the girl handle the money when it became hers.  Would she manage it to grow, preserving it until later in life when it may be needed for a home or other projects, or would she, as so many do, blow it.  Dave’s suggestion was to force the girl to take…and understand, the principles taught in his Financial Peace University program. And, to instill a work ethic into the girl.  Dave loves work!

It occurred to me that lack of financial preparedness is a major fault of government, beit local, state or federal.  Politicians, on gaining office, are like kids in a candy store.  There’s all these pretty things to spend YOUR money on with little or no restraint on those politicians.

The democrat party is a perfect example of this failure. They’ve become expert spending your money recklessly and without any long-tern plan other than to remain in office and power.

Would it, that as a prerequisite for office, every elected official was required to attend and successfully complete Dave Ramsey financial course. Perhaps we wouldn’t be in this situation if that were true.

Nah. They’d still be democrats.


The Paulbots must be in hell.  Their Dear Leader’s heir apparent has endorsed Mitt Romney.

Dr. Paul’s son, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, also offered a major olive branch later in the evening by officially endorsing Governor Romney and pledging to actively campaign for him. — The Washington Times.

Ron Paul, himself, appears to be leaning in that same direction.  At the Texas State GOP Convention, he told his supporters, on arriving in Tampa, to be respectful.

On the first day of the largest state convention in calendar year 2012, he told his supporters that upon arriving in Tampa for the Republican National Convention, they were to “be respectful.”— The Washington Times.

The question now is what are those ardent Paul supporters, those whom I call “Paulbots” for their rigid and uncompromising adherence to Paul’s brand of Libertarianism, going to do now? Will they stay at home and possibly give Obama four more years, or are they going to work for their goals within the system?  Ron Paul appears to be doing the latter.

The bottom line is that Dr. Paul and his son do not appear to be trying to blow up the Republican Party. They seem to realize that they have a better chance of advancing their goals in the long run by working within the system. For all the talk about being revolutionaries, Dr. Paul wants to see his movement become mainstream.

This has always been where Dr. Paul diverges from his most hard-core supporters. They often want an all-or-nothing approach, leaving them marginalized. Dr. Paul is willing to take what he can get now and come back for the rest later. This is not “selling out.” This is “pragmatism,” which does not have to be a dirty word.— The Washington Times.

The question now is whether the Paul supporters join the “mainstream” GOP and work for their goals within, or will they take their ball and go home.  I hear and read that many are considering the latter.

If they do, they will lose. They only need to look at the Libertarians for a glimpse into their future. The Libertarian Party has never made any gains in the decades of its existence.  Yes, they have won an office here and there but never enough to affect any significant outcome.  Usually those Libertarians work with the GOP, the party closest to them in philosophy. If the Paul supporters splint into still another third-party, like Ross Perot in the ’90s, they will fail and eventually, be just another footnote in history…like Ross Perot.

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