None of the Above

Libertarian writer L. Neil Smith wrote a series of science fiction novels about a world based on pure Libertarian principles. In one such book a review of their history was being discussed and the high-light of that history was when “None of the Above” won the election for President. That election was pivotal in the weathering away of the central government—a confederation in that story based on the Articles of Confederation.

In many ways the upcoming election in November has elements of Smith’s theme—None of the Above.  Obama continues to lose ground.  In West Virginia, a felon, still imprisoned in Texas, acquired 40% of the votes in the West Virginia primary.  A democrat US Senator refused to answer when asked whom he had cast his vote.

  Obama’s flip-flop on homosexual marriage didn’t gain him any support either.  One, he didn’t commit to do anything in support of the issue and second, it was clearly a statement to alleviate pressure from the LGBT niche supporters.  Most of those supporters recognized the ploy for what is was—nothing, and in fact the ploy lost Obama more of the LGBT faction. For democrats, None of the Above is becoming more and more attractive.

On the other side, the ‘Pubs, Romney’s rise to be the leading contender (Ron Paul hasn’t thrown in the towel yet,) still hasn’t gained him more support from the Santorum and Gingrich conservatives. For those conservatives, the only thing they like about Romney is that he isn’t Ron Paul.

Romney’s main support appears to come from the ‘Pub establishment.  They view Romney as being “controllable.” They seem to believe Romney will be a rubber stamp for whatever they put before him.

The ‘Pub establishment has invested a huge amount of time, money and resources to insure Romney wins the candidacy in August.  And…along the way created great discord in the party due to Romney’s negative campaign tactics against all the other ‘Pub candidates. As each candidate rose to be a contender…Bachman, Perry, Cain, Gingrich and finally Santorum, the Romney campaign did their best to smear that opponent. When it came time for unity, for those who dropped out to endorse Romney, there wasn’t much unity floating around. Some of those drop-outs, to the best of my knowledge, haven’t yet endorsed Romney. 

Instead of the usual, and expected, presser and photo-op, Santorum dispatched an e-mail.  In the middle of the night. A luke-warm endorsement at that. 

Gingrich’s endorsement was only slightly better. I think he hoped Romney would help to pay off some of  his campaign debt. I haven’t heard that Gingrich has received any assurances of financial aid from Romney.

It is becoming clear that people have long memories. They are not flocking to Romney’s banner. There is still a large segment, 40% according to some pundits, that would rather vote for None of the Above.

The job for Romney and the ‘Pub establishment is how to gather that 40% back into the fold.  Most voters in the coming election, will hold their nose and vote for Anyone But Obama (aka ABO.)  The question to the ‘Pub establishment is if ABO equates to Romney…or to Ron Paul.

Will this election be like Reagan’s 1982 landslide or will be be like 1992 when Ross Perot split the ‘Pub votes from G. W. H. Bush allowing Clinton to win. That is the question.

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  1. Yeah, me too. Ron Paul is basically a spoiler like Ross Perot was. Neither had a hope in Hell of winning. If they couldn’t get their way, they’d spoil it for everyone else. Perot was successful with that. It’s still open if Paul goes that route.

    If he does, it’ll be for one reason and winning isn’t it.

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