2012 NRA Annual Meeting, Part II

Mrs. Crucis and I did more than just listen to speakers, we wandered through the exhibits too.  Frankly, unlike the time when the NRA was in Kansas City, there was too much to see.  In fact, the press of the crowds made it nearly impossible to proceed at some of the locations on the floor.  
Circular Entrance of the Convention Center
One of the booths I visited was the Second Amendment Foundation.  I was looking for an e-mail friend, Dave Workman (Examiner reporter, Gun writer and author.) I found Dave talking to a gentleman about the supposed UN Treaty to limit individual gun ownership.  The gentleman was all up in arms thinking that Obama could sign the treaty by fiat and dissolve the 2nd Amendment.  
Really!?!?  Where do people get this ideas?  He didn’t know that it is the Senate that reviews and ratifies international treaties nor that it requires 2/3rds of the Senate to do so.  The Founders purposely made it difficult to ratify treaties.

Ignorance abounds.

After the gentleman left, Dave and I spoke for a few minutes before we were interrupted again.  It’s always good to meet old friends for the first time.

From there we walked over to the Rock Island Auction.  Some very rare and valuable pistols were going on the block at the end of the convention.  I glanced at some and quickly saw they would be priced out of my league.

Double-barreled Flintlock Pistol w/Spike Dagger. $15K – $25K

Or these, which would make Tam drool.

US Army .45acp, Savage M1907.  $25K – $40K

And, this one.

US Navy Colt M1900, .38acp. $13K – $19K

Plus, this one.

Colt M1907, .45acp. US Army Test Trials. $27.5K – $42.5K

Also at the auction were older and more rare pistols such as the one below that had no price estimates. The price would be whatever the market would bear.

Engraved Civil War era Navy Cartridge Colt, .31Rim Fire

Mrs. Crucis wanted to see the book signers.  John Bolton appeared on Friday.

John Bolton, NRA Annual Meeting, St. Louis

On Saturday, Ollie North and Glenn Beck were two that we saw for signings.  The lines for both stretched 150, to 200 yards long.

Ollie North, NRA Annual Meeting, St. Louis
Glenn Beck, NRA Annual Meeting, St. Louis

On Saturday night, the NRA held it’s “Celebration of America” show.  Larry the Cable Guy was first, followed by Glenn Beck.

Larry seemed to have some voice problems, but once into his show, loosened up.

Larry was followed by Glenn Beck.  I’ve not heard Beck speak in person before and I was surprised by his eloquence.  Beck’s speaking style is reminensence of an Old-Time Gospel preacher.

Saturday was a long day for us.  We didn’t leave the convention center until after 10:30pm.  We’re not night people. Friday night we slogged through rain and mud to reach the Tahoe.  Saturday, we parked under covered parking.
Mark that under, “Lessons learned.”