A Merrier Christmas!

Following a long personal tradition, I’m up late–alone–on Christmas Eve–now Christmas. I enjoy the time to reflect a little, and to recall Christmases past.

When the boys were small the late hours were used to haul presents out of hiding, assemble if necessary, place under the tree, and do it all with absolute silence. Usually just before we were able to finally head to bed, one or both of them would be easing down the stairs to peek and inquire if Santa had already been and gone. We’d finally head to bed after we’d had about 30 minutes of silence from them. We sometimes had to resort to an ‘or else’ but their persistance generally won out by about 5 at the latest. I don’t recall much of Christmas afternoons back then. Now, my late hours are simply a time to remember when children were little, grandparents and parents were with us, and all seemed right with the world.

Now our boys deal with the same sorts of early morning excitement and I say ‘good enough for ’em!’–but really envy their joy in sharing Christmas with little ones. The Christmas days and the years go speeding away and, among all my wishes to friends and family, I wish for each of them to savor and file away all the pleasures, warmth, fun, and love of this day especially.

When visiting a favorite blog earlier today I came across a charming and fun video of a ‘performance’ of the Hallelujah Chorus from Quinhagak, Alaska. It will make you smile.

Merry Christmas to Crucis, Mrs. C., and all y’all! I’ll be seeing you next year.