Off to India at Taxpayer’s Expense

Have you heard about Obama’s upcoming trip to India? It includes around 3,000 people and will cost $200M a day!!! That means the total cost of the 10-day trip will reach $2Billion!!!

What a waste. A total waste. I remember some Presidential trips in the past that contained only three aircraft—one for the Prez and his troops, one for security and their equipment and one for the press. In some cases a C-130 preceded the group if a car or other special equipment was needed.

Obama on the other hand is taking 3,000 people in 40 jetliners. They are taking over an entire 570-suite hotel. He’s even taking his teleprompters with him. When he speaks to the Indian Parliament, it will be the first time teleprompters have ever been used in that forum.

Now there is a report that he’s also taking 34 U. S. Navy warships along as well!

He (Obama) will also be protected by a fleet of 34 warships, including an aircraft carrier, which will patrol the sea lanes off the Mumbai coast during his two-day stay there beginning Saturday. The measure has been taken as the Mumbai attack in 2008 took place from the sea.

Obama is expected to fly by a helicopter — Marine One — from the city airport to the Indian Navy’s helibase INS Shikra at Colaba in south Mumbai.

From there, he will drive down in a Lincoln Continental — the Presidential limousine — to the nearby the Taj Hotel.

Two jets, armed with advanced communication and security systems, and a fleet of over 40 cars will be part of Obama’s convoy. — Press Trust of India, Updated: November 04, 2010 19:04 IST

How much will that cost? It will cost more than $200M a day to move that naval fleet to India. What a total waste. I haven’t heard any outcry yet about this fiasco. There should be. At a minimum, the Two Billion Dollars wasted on this trip should be deducted from next years White House budget. The new Speaker of the House, John Boehner, said the ‘Pubs would be cutting spending. Eric Cantor agrees and has a plan. Cutting the White House budget is a good start.

And, while we’re at it, let’s defund and eliminate all those “Czars” and new agencies Obama created without congressional approval.

What say you?