Getting Ready for a Range Session

A fellow church member is interested in getting a CCW. In Missouri, you have to show proficiency with both pistols and revolvers. He hasn’t either yet, so I offered to take him, his wife and adult son to my gun club and let him try out some of each.

In preparation, I took inventory and noticed I was short of .45 practice ammo. I work at home, so during lunch I ran down to the local Wally World and picked up a 100-round value-pack (Winchester white-box) of .45 ACP for 29.95+tax. That’s not so bad for just blasting ammo. It’s not like the $9.95/box of 50 that I bought last year but still not too bad.

For the session, I’ll take my 1911, Officer-sized .45, Kahr P-45, Browning HP, S&W M19 4″, M13 2.5″ and M442 2″ and give them some basic training. They’ve handled firearms before for hunting, but not handguns. It’ll all be new to them.

So, for your viewing pleasure, here’s a photo of my wife, Joyce, practicing with my S&W M13 a couple of weeks ago. She wanted to try out some .357 in it. I think she was a bit surprised by the recoil.