Response to a KC Star Columnist…

C. W. Gusewelle is a columnist for the Kansas City “Red” Star. I’ve added the “Red” to the name since it is appropriate given their leftist politcal bias. Gusewelle likes to present himself as an outdoorsman and hunter and has frequently waxed poetic about his dogs, cabin and the outdoors. In reality, he’s another leftist hack supporting the liberal political line.

In Gusewelle’s August 23rd, 2009 column, as seen here, Gusewelle, speaking about moving the Gitmo prisoners to Leavenworth, said this.

On the Guantanamo issue, the central complaint seems to be that bringing the detainees into the U.S. would put the civilian population at unacceptable risk.

Utter, unadulterated nonsense! The Disciplinary Barracks, if that were to be the choice, is a rigorously secured installation.

Bear in mind that these relentless kibitzers are the same worthies who would resist to their last breath any government move to further regulate gun ownership in this country.

They subscribe to the paranoid notion whipped up by the NRA that, at any moment, some federal functionary might come barging in to snatch hunting guns from the closets of law-abiding sportsmen.

In their view, locking up enemy combatants in a maximum-security prison would be an unbearable threat to public safety. Whereas allowing legions of gangbangers, truants, psychopaths and professional criminals to roam city neighborhoods, loosing volleys from their easily gotten assault rifles, is no particular cause for concern.

Gusewelle claims that it is the NRA’s fault for all the killings in KC from “assault rifles” completely ignoring the facts that no such thing has occurred. Are there “legions” of gangbangers, truants, psychopaths and professional criminals roaming Kansas City neighborhoods? Probably. But I doubt any are NRA members, nor any acquired their weapons in the same manner you or I would. Most likely they either stole them or bought them through the black market for much more than the price at a gun store.

In addition, while the Disciplinary Barracks are secure to keep prisoners from escaping, they are not designed to prevent attack from outside. Nor is the surrounding community. That fact, of course, Gusewelle ignores as irrelevant and immaterial.

Kevin Jamison, is a local Kansas City attorney, a staunch backer of the 2nd Amendment and was one of the leaders who finally won Concealed Carry for Missouri residents. Jamison answered Gusewelle’s statement about the government seizing our guns in this article.

K. L. Jamison

In his 23 August, 2009 column Mr. Gusewelle refers to the “paranoid notion whipped up by the NRA that, at any moment, some federal functionary might come barging in to snatch hunting guns from the closets of law-abiding sportsmen.” Perhaps we might be forgiven this “notion” because it has already happened. After the Katrina hurricane hunting guns were seized from law-abiding sportsmen all without a speck of legal authority. Closer to home, following the Greensburg, Kansas tornado, hunting guns were seized from sportsmen, again without a speck of legal authority. Mr. Gusewelle may choose not to believe these reports, but a federal district judge in New Orleans did. When the National Rifle Association filed suit to stop the theft of hunting guns from sportsmen New Orleans denied that it had stolen guns. After video was introduced of the chief of police declaring that no one would be allowed to have guns and of the seizures themselves the City admitted the seizures but denied having the guns. When this lie was revealed New Orleans agreed to stop stealing guns and to return the ones they had stolen. However, in order to retrieve his property the sportsman was required to produce ownership documentation calculated to discourage even those persons who had not been through a hurricane. While the court proceedings ground on, the guns rusted to dust; which may have been the intention.

We trust that such seizures shall not occur in Missouri. The National Rifle Association which Mr. Gusewelle disparages pushed through a law forbidding confiscation of Mr. Gusewelle’s treasured shotgun on such specious grounds as seen in New Orleans and Greensburg. It has also promoted laws to preserve wetlands for hunting, shooting ranges to sharpen skills, and imposed a tax on ammunition to fund the Department of Conservation in order to ensure that there are open spaces for the many decades we trust are left to him. Throughout those decades NRA members will defend his right and opportunity to shoot such birds he finds necessary or convenient. In the fullness of time six of our members shall carry Mr. Gusewelle to his reward, after all, we have carried him thus far.

Well written, Kevin.