Getting down to the wire

Senator Claire McCaskill, D-MO, had a “town hall” meeting yesterday. I used quotes around the phrase “town hall” because the whole thing was a setup. The local TV stations and the KC Red Star were all in praise of how the audience supported Obamacare.

Why not? It was a house packed by the unions, inner-city churches/ACORN and other dem paid attendees from Organizing for America (George Soros). The meeting was scheduled on the campus of UMKC. During rush hour. On a work day. The dem’s paid audience was in a segregated area and when the doors were opened, admitted first. They got all the prime seating. They brought their professionally made signs.

When the rest of those attending, the “knuckle draggers” so-called by one dem, were admitted, their signs were confiscated as “disruptive.” The room was already 70% filled before any other attendees were allowed in the room. Each person was given a card and allowed to write some questions that would be placed in a pool. Then cards would be pulled from the pool. Surprisingly, no questions against Obamacare were selected only those in favor of socialized medicare.

Strange that.

The sound system was poor. Those not seated directly in front had difficulty hearing and there was no means to ask questions from the floor. Nor were any floor questions allowed.

Dave Helling, writing for the Kansas City Star said this.

After an August dominated by their opponents, health care reform advocates pushed back on Monday.

Supporters clearly outnumbered skeptics among the 1,300 people who attended a health care town hall meeting in Kansas City — a first for session organizer Sen. Claire McCaskill.

“It’s certainly the most vociferous support I’ve seen for attempts to reform health care so far,” the Missouri Democrat said. “No question about it.”

Well, of course, Dave. It was a setup from the git-go. You don’t think the Star would attend and report anything contrary? Why, you’d have to find a real job instead of being a front man for democrat propaganda.

Democrats said the pro-reform turnout was a sign their party was finally mobilizing just as Congress prepares to return from its August recess and take up health care reform.

“Supporters of insurance reform got caught flat-footed at first,” conceded longtime Democratic operative Steve Glorioso, who helped McCaskill’s staff decide on a room for the forum.

Church and labor groups helped organize some of the pro-reform turnout at Monday’s session, but McCaskill said that shouldn’t make any difference.

Helling admits in the text above that the whole thing was a setup. Rather than admit voters first come, first served, they deliberately packed the audience. The dems still say that opposition to their efforts to seize and nationalize large segments is organized by the Republican party.

Truth be known, the GOP hasn’t the organizing ability to lead a starving man to a meal. The opposition is a real grass-roots response but the dems are incapable of understanding that fact. They are locked into a mind-set that can’t believe that any opposition is truly opposition by the citizenry.

There will be another “town hall” meeting tonight. This one is organizaed by opponents of Obamacare. I’ll bet the dems will attempt to pack that meeting as well. But this time, it could get “interesting.”