Happy Father’s Day: Large and Small Rifle Primers in Stock

Sinclair has (had?) small and large rifle primers in stock. Can this mean the primer drought is coming to an end?

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Large and Small Rifle Primers In Stock

Dear Fellow Shooters,

Just a product update from Sinclair International, Inc. for our blog viewers. We received a medium sized shipment of Sellier & Belloit primers in yesterday. As of today, June 16, 2009 we have large and small rifle Sellier & Belloit primers in stock. The primers are leaving fast so if you need large or small rifle primers or know someone who does we have some at the moment. Visit our website at sinclairintl.com to check availability or call 1-800-717-8211. We have more large rifle primers than small rifle primers. Please limit yourself to 5,000 primers since many of your fellow shooters are without any primers at the present time. We’ll add another post when these primers are gone.

The Staff at Sinclair