I Told You So!

Ref yesterday’s post…Lugar’s Toast! At the last count that I saw last night, he lost 4 to 6 to Mourdock. It couldn’t happen to a better RINO…unless Boehner loses his primary election, too.

A Tea Party Success.


On Monday, I wrote about MIssouri’s standing in the “Business-Friendly” poll.  Missouri was ranked 24th, dropping one position from last year. Kansas was ranked 23rd after rising two positions since last year. Why? Business flight from Missouri across the state line.  The cartoon below from Chuck Asay is appropriate.  Just replace Caterpillar with a former Missouri company.

Business Flight!


An American institution is about to fade away into history. Hostess Brands Inc., the maker of Twinkies, Hostess cupcakes, Snowballs and a number of snack cakes has sent notices to all of its 18,000 employees that may be laid off in two months. The reason for this notice is a failure to re-negotiate labor contracts with the Teamsters.  The company has contracts with two unions, the Teamsters and the Confectionary Workers.

Hostess’s future remains uncertain, largely dependent upon the outcome of negotiations with its two big unions over the fate of their labor agreements as well as upon its search for new capital. Investors are to submit second-round bids for the business this week, Hostess attorney Corinne Ball told the bankruptcy court last month.

Another question mark comes in the form of a threat by the Teamsters, Hostess’s biggest union, to strike if the company wins court approval to reject their labor contracts. The Teamsters members drive the trucks that deliver the company’s baked goods to store shelves. The union and Hostess’s chief executive agree that a Teamsters strike would shut down the company.

A ruling on whether Hostess can reject its labor agreements with the Teamsters hasn’t come down yet. However, a bankruptcy judge on Friday authorized the company to reject 35 such agreements with its second-largest union, the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union. Both Hostess and BCTGM President Frank Hurt said the company won’t necessarily reject the agreements now but will instead continue trying to reach a consensus.

Together, the Teamsters and BCTGM represent 14,101 of Hostess’s 18,400 active workers. — Wall Street Journal.


In light of North Carlolinas vote yesterday to ban gay marriages, Obama, when asked his opinion, skated around the issue.  He spoke of support for…”visitation in hospitals…and the ability to bequeth assets to a gay partner, conditions that already exist, but declared marriage was not a civil right(!?) and not a federal issue.  In other words, he threw his gay constituency under the bus rather than risk the ire of potential voters…like those in North Carolina. It was a question Obama was not going to answer.

Don't bother me!

Use’m and then lose’m. It’s the democrat motto—and Obama’s, too.