Friday Follies for May 4, 2012

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The word came out today on the economy.  The “unemployment” rate dropped from 8.2% to 8.1%.  Or did it?  If you read the stats carefully, you’ll discover the rate dropped because there were fewer people drawing unemployment.  Most because they’d used the last of their unemployment and were ineligible for more.

If you read further, you’ll see that only 115,000 jobs were added this last month. When you put all this together, it means the economy is in a continuing down-spiral and the workforce continues to shrink.

What is Obama doing?  He’s making campaign tours at colleges around the country telling them he’ll reduce their student debt.  He is not telling them they’ll have a job waiting upon graduation.  The Heritage Foundation had this to say in today’s Morning Bell.

Lackluster employment results dominate today’s report. It’s been three years under the Obama policies, and 12.5 million Americans remain out of work. No demographic group except black workers saw an improvement in their unemployment rate, and 13 percent of black workers remain unemployed. What’s more, the labor force participation fell to the lowest level since 1981 at 63.6 percent. Americans are fleeing this economy when at this stage workers should be returning to the labor force. — The Morning Bell, May 4, 2012.

No the economy is not getting better.  The real question is whether the nation can survive until we boot Obama out of office.


There’s been a lot of discussion on Obama’s re-election motto, “Forward!”  Mostly because it’s reminiscent of all the communist mottoes going back to Marx and Engels.  The conservative press has had a lot to say about it.  

Also, some cartoonist.  Here’s one comment by Glenn McCoy.


And this one by Lisa Benson.

   Pharaoh's Slaves

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