2012 NRA Annual Meeting, Part III

Today’s blog post is by a guest—Mrs. Crucis.  I asked her to document her observations, especially those of the “formal” media outlets.

The time has come for me to justify my “media credentials” at the NRA Convention by sharing my impressions. I was pleasantly surprised to see that almost half of the attendees were women. There were quite a few children also.

There were probably many attendees carrying concealed weapons; but, contrary to the lamestream media’s logic, no one seemed fearful.

The Leadership Forum was the highlight of the Convention for us. Our media credentials were a real blessing which allowed us to be seated with the “professional” media. As speaker after speaker got standing ovations, I noticed that none of the “professional” media applauded or reacted in any way, which was as it should be. At first I thought maybe I should refrain from applauding too. But then I realized that since the NRA respects bloggers (ordinary citizens) enough to issue media credentials to them, I was not going to be intimidated by the lamestream media. Therefore my applause was just a little louder and more frequent than it might have been otherwise!

Though there were teleprompters on either side of the podium, none of our speakers used them. Mitt Romney was the first speaker. He introduced his wife Ann, who spoke for a few minutes. What an eloquent, gracious lady she is! She is extremely comfortable in her own skin in front of large audiences, more so than her husband is. Ann will be a real asset in the campaign.

We enjoyed hearing Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Former UN Ambassador John Bolton, U. S. Congressman Eric Cantor, Governor Bobby Jindal, and Governor Scott Walker (what a courageous man! The standing ovation for him was the longest and loudest of all!). We had to leave just as Congressman Darrell Issa began his speech. I was disappointed that we didn’t get to hear Lt. Col. Oliver North or Former Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell.

My favorite part of Saturday night’s “Celebration of American Values Freedom Experience” was the opening prayer by Lt. Col. Oliver North. What a great patriot and man of God!
Glenn Beck, the keynote speaker, has done a lot of historical research and has the ability to relate historical events to current events with his own brand of humor.

The times we  spent getting to know the other bloggers in the media room were really enjoyable. They are a close knit family who are usually separated by hundreds of miles. What a privilege to get to know them!

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